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What's this all about?

The purpose of this site it to bring attention to a wiring defect on the 1394 (FireWire) socket found on certain Thermaltake Xaser III PC computer cases.  Thermaltake has acknowledged that the defect exists and was once  actively working to determine what cases were affected.  Unfortunately, they STILL have not released any details of their research to the public, and that is why I continue to operate this web site.    Until Thermaltake puts forward a strong effort to both inform their customers of this defect and take whatever actions are necessary to cover their customer's loses, I will continue to operate this web site at my expense.  The wiring defect can destroy both motherboards and 1394 equipment, so it's very important you check to see if your case is miswired before you connect anything to your upper 1394 port.

NOTE: The Thermaltake Xaser III case has the same identical I/O panel and internal cabling as the following cases: Enermax CS-10181 and 10182, Casetek CK-1018-1A, 1B, 1C, 2A, 2B, and CK-1019-2A, 2B.  We have now positively confirmed that the problem does exist on at least some of these cases.  Please see the CURRENT STATUS page for more details!

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This site is now for reference purposes only

As of December 2005, I am no longer maintaining or updating this web site.  It is provided now for reference purposes only.  Please do not attempt to contact the author about this web site as your e-mail will not be read.

Communications with Thermaltake

We once had extensive communications with the technicians at the Thermaltake's office in Los Angeles, CA, but once we got a check covering the damage to our equipment, they stopped communicating with us completely.  It appears that they're also neglecting several other people, based on the reports I continue to receive.

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As of 12/2005, this site is for reference purposes only and is no longer maintained.
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